Return to where it all started, 14 million years ago.

A visit

in the heart of nature

Organised chronologically, the Prehisto Dino Parc tells the incredible story of the evolution of species, from the dawn of the Earth to the Neolithic era. Walk through a natural forest and follow a trail punctuated by 150 life-size representations and accompanying soundscape.

Follow in the footsteps of

dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals

Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Velociraptor, Mammoth, Woolly Rhinoceros … the giants are still with us! Meet some thirty dinosaurs and mammals, represented in real size. Discover their differences, their characteristics, and the lifestyles of these impressive animals, thanks to our illustrated, entertaining and educational information boards.

Le machaïrodus
Le brachiosaure
Le tyrannosaure
Le protocératops
Le tricératops
Les plésiosaures
Le styracosaure
Le phororhacos
Le mégalosaure animé
Le spinosaure


the automated T-Rex

Stand in front of our 9-metre long and 5-metre high Megalosaurus as it comes to life, roaring and moving its head, legs and tail with terrifying reality. This true-to-life creature, inspired by the latest research and technology, is a real spine chiller!

Get to know

prehistoric humans

Dive into prehistory and discover mankind’s great inventions, from the cutting of the first tools to the development of metalwork. Observe our evolution from hunter-gatherer to farmer, and walk through a fully reconstructed Neolithic village.

Les premiers villages
Les megalithes
Le village néolithique
L’art du tissage
La musique et la danse
Les rites funéraires
La pêche
L’art pariétal
Le travail des métaux

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